• Each country has its particular liquor, brandy (Palinka).

  • To help you to get know our Palinka from Cseteny in Hungary we collected few information about the Palinka. Our Palinka is produced from several wild fruits after traditional fermentations. We use only hand collected and manually selected fruits and no aromas, no sugar, no additives. 
    Thanks to the good soil in the Carpat-Basin, we have one of the highest quality and biggest fruit diversity.
    This enabled for us to becoming on of the best Palinka distillery in Hungary. 
    One can like the Palinka or not, but nobody can deny its social worth and influents to the Hungarian culture. 
    In Hungary we produce through century old tradition and expertise one of the finest Palinka. 
    In the old times, the Palinka was used not only as pleasure means but also as medicine. 


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